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Sample Expert Witness Multimedia Clip

To see the video clip of Dr. Bart B. Sokolow, first, download the Microsoft Windows Media™ Player if you haven't already to see the video clip from your browser--it will configure automatically--you'll see this short video as it downloads--with no long wait times... ] This Web site hosts Windows Media™-formatted content

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Wouldn't You Like Your Own Video--here??

if you don't see the video or you are geting a strange message about not enough disk space, download the Microsoft Windows Media™ Player -- its free ...then come right back, "refresh" the page and click the play button on the Windows Media Player.....

1. some browers may require you to restart your pc before the plugin can be activated....also,
2. when you view the video clip, if it appears that you aren't viewing the whole thing, just press the play button again--its now loaded on your disk and you should have no problem seeing the whole clip the second time...]