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National Technical Systems (NTS), a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) provides comprehensive testing and engineering services to various industries including Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Commercial Electronics, Software and Telecommunications. 

 With 36 years experience in the testing arena, NTS will design and perform a wide range of climactic, functional, mechanical, software and electronic tests required by your customer and/or regulatory agency. 

 Using one or a combination of several of 13 NTS labs throughout the United State, our project managers will work with your engineers to minimize the time to market and optimize our extensive facilities.  Our goal is to provide the best match of equipment and expertise to your project – the result being quicker turnaround and money saved.

 As an example, National Technical Systems enables clients to pass the following:

        NEBS testing (telecom)
        GR 303 requirements (telecom software)
        CE Mark
        FCC requirements
        UL type safety mandates
        Mil Std requirements (from satellite propulsion tanks to
                                                   military electronics)
        Hazardous tests (hydrogen flow, gunfire, explosives)
        Fatigue testing, climactic, mechanical

 NTS also has precision cleaning capabilities for anything from delicate componentry (aerospace valves, etc.) to critical field installations (such as propellant and oxygen lines at space launch facilities).

 Should you have an engineering staffing requirement, NTS provide you with any combination of qualified technical personnel to run virtually any project nationwide – be it software design or other.

Also see them at: http://www.testandmeasurement.com/storefronts/nts.html

For Further Information please contact:

Robert V. Bornino
Program Manager
National Technical Systems
(310) 348-0900
(310) 670-7556 Fax
(310) 408-2499 Cell
or email: