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We're pleased to announce that Environmental Data Pages is now a partner with Amazon.com, the on-line bookstore, bringing you some of the finest technical books available from many publishers. We've selected some initial books because of their perceived relevancy and utility. They cut a wide swath through environmental law and pragmatic environmental science.
The books listed and described here are available for purchase by simply clicking on the titles, which link you directly to the order form for that book. We welcome your comments, critiques and suggestions for inclusion of other titles.

Groundwater and Soil Contamination : Technical Preparation and Litigation (Environmental Law Library)

by Thomas J. Bois II, Bernard J. Luther
Published by Wiley Law Publications
Publication date: July 1996

The publisher, John Wiley & Sons says:

This book discusses the most up-to-date scientific and legal information concerning soil and groundwater contamination--two of the most pervasive types of environmental problems today. This practical book describes how a lawyer and a consultant can manage contamination cases, particularly private cost recovery actions. It is divided into two parts--a technical half and a litigation management half. The technical portion explains different types of contamination, how to identify a contamination problem, how to clean it up, and how to pick an environmental consultant. The second part describes prelitigation considerations, federal and state environmental statutes, common law causes of action, insurance issues, defense considerations, damages, and settlement procedures.

Environmental Reports and Remediation Plans : Forensic and Legal Review, 1997

by Randall L. Erickson, Robert D. Morrison
Publication date: April 1997

The publisher, John Wiley & Sons, says:

Half technical and half legal in scope, this comprehensive source describes how to perform a critical review of an environmental report. Critical reviews are important because counsel must be confident that the information used from these reports as evidence is technically and legally defensible. Offers definitions and explains terminology. Details how to determine if a report is accurate, how to read it for sufficiency, how to determine if there are improper assumptions in the report and ascertain if it meets legal requirements such as evidentiary standards.

EH&S Auditing Made Easy: A Checklist Approach for Industry

By Kathleen Hess, CIH, President, Omega Southwest Consulting
Softcover, Index, 574 pages, July '97

Environmental Guide to the Internet, 3rd Edition

By Carol Briggs-Erickson and Toni Murphy
Softcover, Index, 384 pages, May '97

California Spill Reporting Manual

By Charles F. Timms, Jr., LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P., and Sandra H. Waddell, McCutchen, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, LLP
Softcover, 500 pages, 1996

Book of Lists for Regulated Hazardous Substances, 8th Edition

Softcover, 345 pages, Aug '97

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

 Book Description:

The latest edition of the world's most popular scientific reference features new tables and reference sections on everything from aqueous solubility of organic compounds to flash point data of common substances. Along with the very latest facts and figures, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics also contains all of the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, and geophysical data.

Comprehensive and versatile -- a reference source for anyone whose uses scientific information.

Often called the scientist's "authoritative source" of data, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is consulted daily in laboratories, schools and universities, government agencies, medical facilities, and other institutions and offices around the world. For decades, physicists and chemists have turned to the Handbook for reliable data, finding the information they need virtually every time they turn the pages.

....and Dr. Robert Morrison recommends:
Modern Visual Evidence,
by Gregory Joseph,
Law Journal Seminar Press, 1984 and 1997?
Provides good information concerning the creation and admissibility of exhibits, especially animations.

Environmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal,

by Daniel Riesel,
Law Journal Seminars Press, 1997.
Provides good overview of legal cases and recent developments

Groundwater Contamination: Optimal Capture and Containment,

by Gorelick, Freeze, Donohue and J. Keely,
Lewis Publishers, CRC Press, 1993
Provides a good primer on the practical and theoretical aspects of defining the containment capture zone created from a groundwater pump and treat system.
And Not to Be overlooked:

Cost-Effective Remediation and Closure of Petroleum-Contaminated Sites
by Douglas C. Downey, Robert E. Hinchee, and Ross N. Miller (ISBN 1-57477-071-3)

This book provides environmental managers and their supporting technical specialists with a comprehensive strategy for cost-effectively cleaning up soils and groundwater contaminated by petroleum releases. It includes the most recent advances in site investigation techniques, low-cost remedial approaches, and technologies. To order this book, contact Batelle Press at (800) 451-3543, Fax (614) 424-3819, or e-mail www.batelle.org/bookstore.