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Providing Pre-measured reagents packaged in easy-to-use, self-filling ampoules for over 40 analytes

Testing the Waters has Never Been Easier!

If you feel like a juggler when you perform your water testing chores, CHEMetrics can help. All of our water test systems use disposable, self-filling reagent ampoules to simplify the process without sacrificing the accuracy you require. Each ampoule contains a carefully pre-measured quantity of liquid reagent that's been formulated to minimize interferences and give long shelf life. Whether the test is colormetric or titrimetric, the CHEMetrics ampoule will take the hassle out and give your results you can depend upon in far less time than the mix, measure and mess method you've been used to.



Self-Filling Ampoules for Colorimetric Analysis

Contents: Test kits contain 30 ampoules, comparator(s), accessory solutions (when necessary), snap cup, and instructions. Refill packs of 30 ampoules, and accessory solutions, are available.

CHEMets ampoules are designed for maximum simplicity and accuracy. Use them for low- to medium-range colorimetric analysis. Each ampoule is 7 mm in diameter with a tapered, prescored tip, and reagents are vacuum sealed inside.

The CHEMets Method: The CHEMet ampoule is immersed in the sample and the tip snapped off. The correct volume of sample is drawn in, and a small inert gas bubble forms. Sample and reagent are mixed by tilting the ampoule so the bubble travels from end to end. In 2 minutes or less, the resulting color is compared to the appropriate color standards (comparators or color chart) to quantify the result.

Low Concentrations: Less than 1 ppm. In most cases the cylindrical comparator is used to quantify low concentrations. The filled test ampoule is placed in the center and compared with the eight color standards around it.

Medium Concentrations: Above 1 ppm. The flat comparator usually is used for concentrations higher than 1 ppm. The analyst places the filled ampoule between standards until a color match is found.

Comparators have a 2-year shelf-life.



The Unique Self-Filling Ampoule

If you analyze water quality, the CHEMetrics self-filling ampoules combine the accuracy and reliability you want with a simplicity and elegance that is not available in other field testing methods. CHEMetrics ampoules deliver a quantitative result you can depend on usually in 2 minutes or less! You just immerse the ampoule in the sample, snap its tip, and compare the result color with standards.

Available for colorimetric, photometric and titrimetric analysis, the CHEMetrics ampoules are the easiest, fastest and safest method available for the routine determination of over 40 analytes in a variety of industrial and environmental applications.

Just Snap, Mix, and Compare

The unique design of the CHEMetrics ampoules ensures a reliable result even by an untrained operator. Each ampoule contains a unit dose of reagent to run one test. Vacuum sealing ensures that when the ampoule tip is snapped, the correct volume of sample is drawn into the ampoule to mix with the reagent. A color forms almost instantaneously. Compare it with color standards to obtain your result.

No Mixing, Measuring, Calibrating, or Cleaning

With the CHEMetrics self-filling ampoules, the preparation is done for you. Each ampoule contains a premixed, premeasured reagent that has been pH-buffered and sealed under vacuum for long-term stability. You don't waste time and effort mixing reagents, performing complicated manipulation completing calibrations, or cleaning glassware.

Superior Stability and Shelf-Life

CHEMetrics specially formulated reagents and proprietary vacuum sealing provide a minimum shelf-life of 2 years for most ampoules, which is substantially longer than competitive methods. You're also protected against interference by carefully selected reagents and, where needed, simple accessory solutions. With the CHEMetrics ampoules, you don't have to worry about faulty results and money wasted on unstable or stale reagents.

Standard Methods

When you use CHEMetrics products, you're using methods based on USEPA, ASTM and APHA standard procedures and chemistries. For your reference, the standards used in each analyte group are documented in this catalog.

Portable, Disposable, Refillable

Packaged with everything you need to run 30 tests, the CHEMetrics test kits are compact and highly portable, making them ideal for field analysis. And, when your test is completed, no special disposal is required. When you need more ampoules, refill packs of 30 are readily available.

Customer Commitment

CHEMetrics dedication to simplified water analysis goes beyond developing advanced technology and extends to you, the water analyst. Expert, prompt and courteous technical support from our Technical Services department is only a free phone call away. Quality Assurance makes sure our products perform as you expect them to, with rigorous inspections from earliest production through shipping. And our Research and Development group is continuously examining new methods to meet your emerging water analysis needs.



Analytical Methods

Alkalinity (hydrate)
Alkalinity (total)
Ammonia (nitrogen)
Carbon dioxide (dissolved)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Chlorine (free & total)
Chlorine (hypochlorite)
Chlorine in waste oils
Chromate (hexavalent)
Copper (total soluble)
Cyanide (free)
DEHA (and related oxygen scavengers)
Detergents (anionic surfactants)
Filming amine (aliphatic amine)
FoalWatch - Foaling Management (calcium carbonate)
Hardness (calcium)
Hardness (total)
Hydrogen peroxide
Iron (total)
Iron (total & soluble)
Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT)
Nitrate (nitrogen)
Nitrite (nitrogen)
Oxygen (dissolved)
Persulfate (sodium)
Phosphate (reactive, ortho)
Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs)
Sulfide (total soluble)
Sulfite in Wine

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