The eternal question is: How do you find the best company when you need them? There are very few directories which list environmental equipment companies from all over the country, much less those whose services are also available internationally. Most directories are purely regional which is fine if you’re in the right region. Otherwise, the process is time-consuming and not very efficient Additionally, once you have the names of some companies, what services do they really offer? Where are their offices? Who is the officer or partner in charge and how do you reach them quickly?

This directory can help you along the way. Not only can you get the name of firms, you can transmit a message, request or leave a question for them right from this page anytime–24 hours a day–without leaving the computer. Environmental Data Pages™ services include providing a message form to be emailed or, if additionally requested, faxed to the right company and within a specified time frame. You’ll also get confirmation of receipt of the message.

Plain vanilla listings are also available and are obviously less expensive. Frankly, we expect most of our clients to also be advertisers for their own services. These services can be listed in one or more categories of services. You will be able to get as much information as we can get–and the companies are willing to give.

Key benefits include:

* Detailed data on companies in different geographical locations
* Locate companies quickly with specific capabilities
* Learn about their professional staff

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