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The Charles Machine Works, Inc. (CMW) has invested considerable resources into the development of horizontal drilling as a viable remediation solution. In fact, CMW expertise and equipment helped to pioneer this important new technology.
CMW offers the industry's widest range of horizontal drilling systems for remediation work. As a group, Ditch Witch Jet Trac systems have the capability to install over 80% of all horizontal wells, and do it better, faster and more cost-effectively than competitive equipment.

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The Charles Machine Works, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of underground construction equipment. The company's Ditch Witch brand trenchers, vibratory plows, directional boring systems and trenchless technology tools are used all over the world to install power and communications cable, water and natural gas pipes, sprinkler and irrigation systems, and other buried service lines.
The Charles Machine Works, Inc. focuses all of its efforts on developing and producing high-quality equipment for underground construction. We offer the most complete product line in the industry. No other manufacturer comes close. Ditch Witch products are known around the world for their innovative features, durability, ease of use, simplified maintenance and overall value.

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Founder and President, Ed Malzahn, invented the world's first compact trenching machine more than 45 years ago. Since then, The Charles Machine Works has built and sold more than half of the world's service line trenchers. We also pioneered the development of vibratory plowing equipment, and we're the recognized leader in directional boring technology and training. Their Subsite division designs and builds electronic systems for locating buried utility lines and tracking directional boring tools.


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