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Diesel & Natural Gas Emissions & Opacity Test System

Portable+Remote+Wireless  Emission Analyzer

We have built our reputation by providing high quality products, industry knowledge, and responsive technical support to the industries we serve. Whether your emission testing requirements are based on a need to maximize efficiency and save fuel, perform set-up and preventive maintenance on combustion systems, or meet current environmental compliance regulations, portable analyzers have considerable advantages and benefits to offer. As a lower cost alternative to previously approved EPA methods of emission testing, operational protocols for using electrochemical sensor based analyzers have been developed and approved, assuring accurate and reliable emissions data where reporting and controlling pollutants is a vital concern.

ECOM America sells and services advanced portable emisssion analyzers worldwide in the energy [including oil & gas], transportation and mining industries

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or related information. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you. 

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Diesel & Natural Gas Emissions & Opacity Test System


ECOM America, a leading manufacturer of industrial emission test equipment, proudly introduces the VETS Diesel / LNG Emissions & Opacity Test System. The VETS features a gas analyzer, capable of measuring O2, CO, CO2, NOx, Temperature, Backpressure, Opacity (SAE J1667 compliant), Oil Temperature, RPM, and current ambient conditions. The gas analyzer incorporates a high flow pump with EPA sample conditioning techniques.  A unique software program automates the testing procedure. All measured parameters are displayed on the PC, and with a simple click of the mouse, gas and smoke measurements are performed and recorded with test results displayed in an easy to read report format.

The UGAS database stores information, such as Vehicle ID number, Make & Model, Engine Type, Shop Location, and more. Pre-programmed Fuels include Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Low Sulfur Diesel, Off-Road Diesel, Diesel + Additives, Natural Gas, and Propane, plus the ability to customize fuel names. Records for every vehicle and can be sorted for specific information. Target Values for each parameter can be programmed for individual vehicles and are displayed on the Test Report, along with current and prior test results, which allow immediate comparison between most recent tests. 

While UGAS developed primarily as a diagnostic tool, many regulations require periodic compliance-driven testing. UGAS offers a simple and inexpensive way to meet these requirements. But the true benefit of UGAS is immediate notification of problems related to Intake Systems, Fuel Systems, Exhaust Systems, and of course, the Combustion Process.

Mobile & Stationary Fleet owners who realize the importance of saving money, while under regulatory pressure to reduce emissions, key to the future of their business, should consider UGAS an invaluable part of their operations.

Product Overview

ECOM America proudly introduces the
UGAS Diesel / LNG Emissions & Smoke Test System.

Based on years of proven reliability and success of the ECOM AC portable emission analyzer, the UGAS system was developed in cooperation with a large mining company using diesel emissions monitoring as a maintenance tool. Combined with a comprehensive maintenance program, this company achieved reductions of up to 65% on gases (CO) and up to 55% on DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter). In addition, a 3% to 5% savings in fuel costs were realized due to improved fuel economy, translating to a significant impact on the bottom line.

The UGAS is also available in a portable briefcase model.`

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Portable Remote Wireless Emission Analyzer

The ECOM J2K is designed to empower its operator with remote, wireless control.  Its ideally suited for combustion and emissions monitoring on large industrial systems where control panel access is away from the flue test port.

Sensor options offered are O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 plus gas and ambient air temperature measurement, stack pressure and draft, along with calculations of CO2, efficiency, dew point and excess air. 


                          Standard features include:

  • high flow pump with flowmeter,

  • integral impact printer,

  • thermoelectric gas cooler with automatic condensate drain,

  • on board data storage, and

  • proven CO overload protection.

  • The J2K's rugged basic plastic module case will easily endure the harshest operating environments, and the wireless, handheld remote control features a large backlit LCD.  The remote control allows complete operation of all user functions of the analyzer.

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