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Click to go to site A Chronicle of the Emerging Gaian Culture"TRANET"

a [501(c)(3)] nonprofit organization



Click to go to site A Guide to Ultimate Wildlife Watching

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - a website packed with valuable information of interest to outdoor recreationists and active travelers.

information of interest to outdoor recreationists and active travelers


Click to go to site Accelerated Site Technology Development

Formerly known as the Technology Deployment Initiative (TDI)], the ASTD program is designed to accelerate the use of new technologies and innovative approaches to achieve the goals identified in the DOE Office of Environmental Management document Accelerating Cleanup: Paths to Closure (DOE/EM-0342).

U.S. Government Department of Energy (DOE)

using new technologies for site closure


Click to go to site Access Excellence

Biotechnology educational programs.launched in 1993, is a national educational program that provides high school biology teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web. Genentech, Inc.is the sole sponsor of Access Excellence

Educational private site

biology for high school teachers


Click to go to site Action Without Borders

Promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives. We currently do this by: Maintaining Idealist , the most comprehensive directory of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web and Sending out daily Job and Internship Alerts with information about jobs and internships posted in Idealist during the previous 24 hours.

a nonprofit organization based in New York

nonprofit and volunteering resources


Click to go to site ADEPT

A demo of ADEPT (A Program for Aquifer Data Evaluation).or browse through a demo of the Electronic Book Version of Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics.

C.H.E.S.S. Company



Click to go to site Adirondack Aquatic Institute

Now in its sixth year, provides an opportunity for the highest level of aquatic research to be conducted on Adirondack water quality issues, provides affordable scientific support for the environmental protection activities of local citizens, municipalities, lake associations, and environmental groups, and provides Paul Smith's College students an opportunity to conduct "real" research on current issues.

The Adirondack Aquatic Institute at Paul Smith's College 

interesting environmental links, environmental education


Click to go to site Adobe Acrobat Web site

Software developer

Software plugin to download publications


Click to go to site Advanced Chemistry Developments 

Commercial site but with some free offers - free software etc.

private enterprise



Click to go to site Agriculture and Environment Resources

University of Maryland

Agriculture and Environment Resources


Click to go to site Agriculture -ftp file site - [dated]

university sponsored

agriculture ftp site


Click to go to site Air Quality Information Home Page (UK)

environmental science / biology

private enterprise -educational resource

educational resource


Click to go to site Air Quality Monitoring (Canada)

government - Canada



Click to go to site Airlines of the Web

A clearinghouse for airline information and a one-stop shop for air travelers, dedicated to online information and reservations for airline travel.

Internet Travel Network, and Marc-David Seidel, creator of the original Airlines of the Web and assistant professor of management at The University of Texas at Austin.

airplane specs, airport codes,reservations….


Click to go to site AIRSWeb

Sponsored by the U S EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards, provides access to air pollution data for the entire United States.

USA Air pollution data - The site includes such information as the highest ozone level measured by state, where air pollution monitoring sites are located, and what the sources of air pollution are


Click to go to site Alaska Department of Natural Resources

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages Alaska's land, water and surface and subsurface resources for both development and conservation. An ftp site.

Alaskan government

land, water and surface and subsurface resources


Click to go to site Alberta Sulfur Research LTD.

Incorporated as a non-profit sulfur research organization; ASRL fosters research in the areas of the chemistry and technology of sulfur and its compounds with particular emphasis on recovery of sour natural gas, Claus plant operations, handling and transportation of elemental sulfur, and environmental aspects of the gas and sulfur industries.

The University of Calgary

chemistry and technology of sulfur and its compounds


Click to go to site alt.building.landfill



Click to go to site alt.wastewater



Click to go to site American Scientist

The 85-year-old magazine of science and technology published by Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

nonprofit organization

magazine site


Click to go to site American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Links to State Government Agencies.

Professional Organization

regulatory links


Click to go to site American Water Works Association

Wastewater treatment and issues - an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

Professional Organization

drinking water quality


Click to go to site Annotated [some] Bibliography of On-Line Resources

The Green Plan Center (GPC) is the Resource Renewal Institute's information clearinghouse and international communications center. RRI's main role is to promote the implementation of green plans--long-term, comprehensive strategies designed to achieve sustainability

The Resource Renewal Institute (RRI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to support innovative environmental management in the United States and worldwide

implementation of green plans


Click to go to site Antenna Onderwerpsindexen - "Networking for Progress and not for Profit!"

Swedish list of environmental links

list of international environmental links


Click to go to site AquaLogic

Waste Water Closed-Loop Systems; Plating and Finishing Systems

private enterprise

Waste Water Closed-Loop Systems


Click to go to site Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research

Established in 1986 by the University Board of Regents of the State of Florida in recognition of the outstanding achievements and pioneering research of the late Dr. Archie Carr and the University of Florida's international reputation in the field of sea turtle research.

University of Florida

sea turtle research


Click to go to site Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

One of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest research centers. It is also the nation's first national laboratory, chartered in 1946. Research includes alternative energy systems; environmental risk and economic impact assessments; hazardous waste site analysis and remediation planning; electrometallurgical treatment to prepare spent nuclear fuel for disposal; and new technologies for decontaminating and decommissioning aging nuclear reactors.

Argonne is operated by the University of Chicago for U.S. Department of Energy

Environmental Research


Click to go to site Argus Numerical Environments/Argus Interware, Inc.

Represents a whole new approach of combining GIS and numerical modeling. develops and markets multi-platform desktop computer software products for engineering applications. These products assist the engineer in solving data-intensive, physical problems in multi-dimensional complex domains through the use of numerical models.

Environmental Software and GIS

free evaluation GIS software downloads


Click to go to site Arthur Temple College of Forestry



Click to go to site ASCE Geo-Institute

Computer Applications Committee - responsible for overseeing issues related to numerical modeling and the application of computer tools to geo-science problems. the management of a popular set of web pages containing links to sites describing geotechnical software.

Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory at Brigham Young University

numerical modeling and the application of computer tools to geo-science problems.


Click to go to site Ask an Expert In

Science questions SciED:Science and Mathematics Education Resource - collection of links - lecture notes/activities/lesson plans

University of Washington, Seattle

links to science data, experts…..


Click to go to site Association de conseil en énergies et environnement de Franche-Comté

energies renouvelables et maîtrise de l'énergie

energy and the environment


Click to go to site Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

Founded in October 1992 to promote the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to literature that considers the relationship between human beings and the natural world.

a [501(c)(3)] nonprofit organization

Encourages and seeks to facilitate new nature writing- Hundreds of Links Related to Literature and Environment


Click to go to site ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, USA -

Information about the toxic properties of substances.A197

US government



Click to go to site Australasian Bat Society

To promote the conservation of all populations of all species of bats (Order Chiroptera) in Australasia.

nonprofit organization

species of bats


Click to go to site Australia - Environment in Government

Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage

Environment in Government database of articles, facts and issues


Click to go to site Australia Environmental Resources Information Network

The Environmental Resources Information Network [ERIN] aims to provide geographically related data of an extent, quality and availability required for planning and decision making.

Australian government

geographically related data


Click to go to site Austria Federal Environment Agency - Umweltbundesamt

Austrian government

government environmental data