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H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (AND)

Over its 15-year history the Andrews LTER program has become a major center for analysis of forest and stream ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest.

College of Forestry Oregon State Univ.

Forest Service research on the management of watersheds, soils, and vegetation


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This page contains pointers to public museums with a strong emphasis on interactive science education.

Mark W. Maimone - personal website

International listing and reviews of hands-on museums


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founded in 1971 for the express purpose of exploring the mysteries of Earth's oceans, estuaries, and coastal waters.




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Since its establishment in 1907 the Harvard Forest has served as a base for research and education in forest biology. Through the years researchers at the Forest have focused on silviculture and forest management, soils and the development of forest site concepts, the biology of temperate and tropical trees, forest ecology and economics and ecosystem dynamics.

National Science Foundation

forest biology


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The Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS), established by the State Legislature in 1992 as a program of the Bishop Museum, is an ongoing natural history inventory of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; National Biological Service; The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii

natural history inventory of the Hawaiian Archipelago.


Click to go to site Hazardous Solvent Substitution Data System - (HSSDS)

created to help end users find alternatives to using hazardous chemicals for cleaning purposes. The system contains vendor supplied information about each product, as well as Material Safety Data Sheets that relate to each product.

US Government

Incredible Resource on solvents


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Click to go to site Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) Information Server - National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

The HDF project involves the development and support of software and file formats for scientific data management. The HDF software includes I/O libraries and tools for analyzing, visualizing, and converting scientific data. It is used world-wide in many fields, including Environmental Science, Neutron Scattering, Non-Destructive Testing, and Aerospace, to name a few. Scientific projects that use HDF include NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, and the DOE's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Free Software Download


Click to go to site Hillmann's Cite Central for Lead Paint

Standards for hazardous waste storage, testing, transport and disposal. Though these topics center on lead issues, they can be useful for other hazardous materials as well.

Hillman Environmental Co.A national full service consulting firm catering to the environmental concerns of commercial, industrial and multi-family properties.

OSHA Standards and other federal chemical regulations


Click to go to site History of Science, Technology, and Medicine - WWW Virtual Library

The Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) is a self-funded autonomous project of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science Faculty of Arts University of Melbourne

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine


Click to go to site HMS Beagle Webzine

created by BioMedNet and is available only to BioMedNet members. BioMedNet: The Worldwide Club for Biomedical Scientists provides a collaborative work environment for researchers and other biomedical professionals - membership is free.

BioMedNet Ltd. Middlesex House 34-42 Cleveland Street London W1P 6LE

biomedical research


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also known as the Hong Kong Centres for Sustainable Development Technology (HK-CSDT)


sustainable development


Click to go to site Hortus West-A Western North America Native Plant Directory & Journal

(incl. for restoration ecology) - (formerly Hortus Northwest), updated and published twice yearly, focusing exclusively on western native plants. Each issue contains: a journal with practical and informative articles regarding the use of native plants in restoration, reclamation, and gardening; a directory listing thousands of commercially-available western native species and vendors who sell them; a Professional Services directory of consultants, contractors, engineers and other environmental service providers


Western North America Native Plant


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US Government

House of Representatives Home Page


Click to go to site How far is it in between...?

A service of Bali Online: The Ultimate Source of Bali (and Distance!) Info.

calculates distance between cities in the world


Click to go to site Howard Hughes Medical Institute environmental

medical newsy stuff also for kids

Howard Hughes Medical Institute



Click to go to site HSI GeoTrans

Groundwater Specialist - has developed a variety of software packages for groundwater flow and transport modeling and data management

Environmental Software Company & Consultant

transport modeling and data management


Click to go to site Hubbard Brook Data Exchange - gopher

Yale University

forestry gopher


Click to go to site Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (HBR)

a 3,158 hectar. reserve located within the White Mountain National Forest of central New Hampshire, USA. It is operated by the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station as a facility for cooperative forest environment research. It was designated a Biosphere Reserve on October 26, 1976 as an example of the northern hardwood forest ecosystem.

US Forest Service

forest environment research.


Click to go to site HUD-Chicago Environmental Training

Environmental training offered by University of Illinois's Great Lakes Center. Participating in training are USEPA, USDHUD & USDOE.

University of Illinois

Environmental Training


Click to go to site Hudson Bay Project, Ecosystem Studies and Conservation of Coastal Arctic Tundra

a collaborative research program designed to examine the interacting biotic and abiotic factors that lead to the initiation and spread of these types of runaway processes (trophic cascades) in the coastal lowlands of this region.

The Hudson Bay Project Corporation is a non-profit, charitable organization

Coastal Arctic Tundra


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a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The over 1900 links in the HLP database have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best language links the Web has to offer.

Tyler Chambers

languages, linguistics, schools…


Click to go to site HydroGeoLogic, Inc.

formed in 1987 to provide the most advanced technical consulting services available for environmental investigation and remediation, water resource assessment, and numerical modeling and computer simulation.

Environmental Consulting Company

environmental assessment, water resource assessment, numerical modeling, computer simulation


Click to go to site Hydrogeology Group at University of Alabama

MT3DMS software can be used to simulate changes in concentrations of miscible contaminants in groundwater considering advection, dispersion, diffusion and some basic chemical reactions, with various types of boundary conditions and external sources or sinks.

University of Alabama

free download of three dimensional transport modeling software, many links


Click to go to site Hydrogeology Software

some are reviewed

Earth and Environmental Resources on the Internet.

hydrogeology software - some are reviewed and rated


Click to go to site Hydrology Web

hosts a comprehensive list of links to Hydrology and related Hydrology resources.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Hydrology resources


Click to go to site Hydrology Web

Pacific Northwest Laboratory's Earth and Environmental Sciences Center (EESC) hydrology resource list.

Battelle Memorial Institute

hydrology links


Click to go to site Hydrology, Yahoo Index




Click to go to site HydroTrak, Inc.

specializes in software development for the environmental industry. HydroTrak, Inc. developed ModelCad for Windows, a pre-and post-processing program for groundwater flow and solute transport modeling

Environmental Consulting and Software Company

DEMOS - Try before you buy! - ModelCad for Windows Version 2