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dedicated to the preservation of Macaws.

a [501(c)(3)] nonprofit organization



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driving instructions, maps

GIS Software Company

MAPs to and from anywhere in US and Canada and driving instructions


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any US Location

GIS Software Company

MAPs to and from anywhere in US and Canada


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Hafranns—knastofnunin Iceland Reykjavík was established in 1965, when it overtook the duties of the Fisheries Department of the University Research Institute dating from 1937, - The primary objective of the MRI is to acquire knowledge of the marine environment around Iceland and its living resources.

government institute responsible to the Ministry of Fisheries and is financed through the national budget

Marine Research


Click to go to site Mass Spectrometry Resources on the internet

Biochemical Instrumentation programme at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg

Mass Spectrometry Resources


Click to go to site Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership

provides training and other technical assistance to citizen organizations who conduct water quality monitoring programs on the lakes, rivers, and estuaries of Massachusetts.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

water quality monitoring programs


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Online searching of the Medline journal article database.- registration is free

medical database

medical research


Click to go to site Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - Divisions and Offices

State government

environmental regulations, state office contacts


Click to go to site Micro-Fem Groundwater Flow Modeling

an integrated large-capacity finite-element microcomputer program for multiple-aquifer steady-state and transient groundwater flow modeling

Software Company

groundwater flow modeling software - Free Software - two aquifers 2,500 nodes


Click to go to site MicroWorlds at Berkeley Laboratory University of California Regents

an interactive tour of current research in the materials sciences at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source

University of California, Berkeley

materials sciences


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The Mineral Planning Group is an established specialist consultancy firm with its head office based in the UK at Clayton on the outskirts of the Leeds/Bradford conurbation. The firm specializes in mineral/waste and environmental planning related issues.

Environmental Consulting Company

mineral/waste and environmental planning


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a specialist consultancy firm headed by Martin Millmore. "We offer a specialised consultancy service in all aspects of mineral/waste and environmental planning, from geology to hydrogeology through to landscape assessment and ecological appraisals. "

Environmental Consulting Company

planning, mining, construction links


Click to go to site MIT Biology Hypertext book

also some not so advanced text

Chemistry - MIT

Biology Hypertext book


Click to go to site Mixed Waste Focus Area

delivers technical and engineering solutions necessary to ensure that program managers of mixed low-level and transuranic waste can resolve present and future needs identified in their accelerated path to closure planning.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

mixed low-level and transuranic waste


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analytical multi-aquifer groundwater model

P.R. Nienhuis

Groundwater Software download - groundwater modeling


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Modflow Resources by Wen-Hsing Chiang

This site will soon be moved to the home page of the Institute for Groundwater Studies at the University of the Orange Free State


Software download - groundwater modeling


Click to go to site MODOFC: MODFLOW Optimal Flow Control

Explanation - MODOFC - What is Groundwater Management Software? Groundwater management software is computer code that couples groundwater simulation models with optimization methods to produce a single computer program that can optimize management objectives while meeting physical and technical constraints on groundwater behavior.

University of Massachusetts

software description