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Click to go to site Pace University Virtual Environmental Law Library

interesting articles discussion of current federal environmental laws

University Pace

Law Resource


Click to go to site ParFlow Project at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The goal of the ParFlow Project is to apply high performance computing techniques to the three-dimensional modeling of fluid flow and chemical transport through heterogeneous porous media to enable more realistic simulations of subsurface contaminant migration.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

three-dimensional modeling of fluid flow


Click to go to site Parrot Preservation Society

"What we do is the hands-on end of captive breeding. "

A Non Profit Arizona Corporation

Parrot Preservation


Click to go to site Parrots

Ce site est édité par une association d'éleveurs amateurs de Psittacidae

Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale



Click to go to site Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

State of Pennsylvania

rules, regulations and more


Click to go to site Perchloroethylene (Perc) NESHAPs (40 CFR Part 63 Subpart M)

The Standard for Dry Cleaner chemicals. [You will need the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this file]

Hillman Environmental Co.A national full service consulting firm catering to the environmental concerns of commercial, industrial and multi-family properties.



Click to go to site PEST

a unique package that can be used with any pre-existing model for data interpretation or model calibration - Use of nonlinear parameter estimation techniques allows you to exercise greater control over model calibration and/or data interpretation.

Watermark Numerical Computing (WNC) specializes in numerical modeling of geophysical and hydraulic systems.

software for model calibration and some links, some are current


Click to go to site PHH Environmental

Updated news on environmental issues and events.

PHH Environmental Limited is a full service consulting company which specializes in providing environmental, health and safety services



Click to go to site Philanthropy News Network

helps people understand, support and work in the nonprofit world.

publishes nonprofit news and information in print and online, and produces conferences throughout the U.S. for the nonprofit world.

nonprofit organization dynamics


Click to go to site PISCES

an environmental consultancy and supplier of environmental software. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products for both professionals and amateurs. They have particular expertise in the environmental effects of power stations and are specialists in fisheries and fish biology.

Environmental Consultant and software developer

environmental software


Click to go to site Planet Science

home page of "New Scientist"




Click to go to site Planning and Conservation League

a California nonprofit, statewide alliance of citizens and more than 120 conservation organizations united to protect wildlife and restore the quality of California’s environment through legislative and administrative action.

nonprofit organization



Click to go to site Polymer Chemistry Hypertext Resource - University of Missouri-Rolla -

University of Missouri-Rolla -

polymer educational resource


Click to go to site Portuguese Resources

concerning Portuguese environment resources on the Internet


Government Agencies


Click to go to site Pro Tamar - Sea Turtles

The TAMAR* - IBAMA Program, together with the Pró-TAMAR Foundation, effectively protects 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) of coastline, with 22 bases in 8 Brazilian

Brazilian Institute of the Environment (IBAMA)

sea turtle conservation


Click to go to site Programs in the College of Natural Sciences

Forestry, and Agriculture

University of Maine

Fields of Study in Environment


Click to go to site P-SQUARED Technologies, Inc. -Advanced Technology Systems, Inc.

"Formerly known as P-SQUARED Technologies., Inc. we are now the Knoxville office of Advanced Technology Systems, Inc. and we remain a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental firm that specializes in environmental data management & modeling, water resources engineering, chemical problem solving, environmental investigations, and air quality measurement. "

Software Company and Environmental Consultants

environmental consulting, GIS, utility software downloads