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Click to go to site Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

This is the official Web site of The Convention on Wetlands, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971 - an intergovernmental treaty which provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

The World Conservation Union supports the Ramsar secretariat administratively

wetlands database


Click to go to site RAPIC - Remedial Action Program Information Center
ER-Related Links
US Department of Energy
Office of Environmental Mangement
Click to go to site rec.photo.technique.nature




Click to go to site Recent Earthquakes in California

USGS US government

California Earthquakes


Click to go to site Recycled Materials Affirmative Procurement Tracking System

US government

recycled materials


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Recycling im Internet

Hotlist of Worldwide Internet Recycling Addresses


Click to go to site REDOX Code

numerical model that simulates the transport of a hydrocarbon compound coupled with the sequential redox reactions of multi-electron acceptors, namely oxygen, nitrate, manganese, and iron in groundwater and

Lee Richard Peterson

Software download


Click to go to site REGIS

The overall mission that guides the Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems (REGIS) activities is the exploration of Geographic Information Systems technologies for environmental and land use planning applications- UC Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley



Click to go to site Research Center for Groundwater Remediation Design (RCGRD)

a groundwater research center dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on computer-based technology that is designed to achieve least-cost solutions to contamination problems.

University of Vermont with participation from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 

Free software:MODOFC: computer software for optimal groundwater management; and, NAPL Simulator: simulation of soil contamination by Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL)


Click to go to site Resource Renewal Institute

a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to support innovative environmental management in the United States and worldwide; sees its main role to promote the implementation of green plans--long-term, comprehensive strategies designed to achieve sustainability.

nonprofit organization

sustainable development


Click to go to site Resourcen Waste-Management im Internet

waste management


Click to go to site Resources for the Future (RFF)

a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that conducts independent research, rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences, on environmental and natural resource issues- very good resource.

nonprofit organization


Click to go to site Risk-Related research at the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

conducts research to improve the scientific basis of risk assessment. Scientific knowledge developed in the research is then integrated by multi-disciplinary teams to develop more effective and less costly risk management strategies for solving environmental problems.

US government

Risk-Related research


Click to go to site Round River Conservation Studies

ecologically-oriented research and education organization dedicated to the formulation and accomplishment of bioregionally based conservation strategies for the preservation and restoration of wild places.

a [501(c)(3)] nonprofit organization

research and education organization


Click to go to site R-Zu-2-U

"have been devoted to our animals and raising their young for over 40 years. The majority of our animals have been for zoo programs and animal educators. We are a closed breeding compound and not open to visitors. "

private website

animal care facts