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A really fantastic guide to the differences between plant and animal cells

...suggested by two young ladies from Green Mountain Christian Academy

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University of Nevada, Reno

Hydrology Graduate Program


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analytical chemistry...

Virginia Tech



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Cells are the smallest living part of all living organisms, including plants and animals. Like the body, cells are made up of many parts that are dependent upon one another to function successfully. Complete understanding of cells is vital to understanding life and biology. Knowing cell parts and functions in plants and animals is an important precursor to further pursuing biology and other similar sciences.

great site - lots of resources

......suggested by Amy



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The Six Kingdoms by Veritas Prep...suggested by Nebraska Girl Scouts

There are countless organisms in the world and the scientific classification system was put in place to group together species that share common characteristics. These rankings include kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. When talking about scientific classification, one will notice that all of the scientific names and terms are written in Latin. This article focuses on the kingdom section of the scientific classification system. There are six kingdoms including plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaebacteria, and eubacteria.


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Virtual courses available through the Internet.


On-Line Courses in various academic disciplines


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An award-winning, searchable index of over 1,000 environmental
resources arranged alphabetically and by category.


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one of the most advanced systems available in the fields of geotechnics and rock mechanics. Speed, flexibility and efficiency using large 2D AND 3D grids and a modular design approach are the key benefits.

Qmirac International Inc., "Creative Software and Services"

software for geotechnics and rock mechanics