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Solar Suitcases' Give Haitian Hospitals Solar Energy


ToxCast Phase I Chemicals Announced
Moving Towards Sustainable Energy Systems

        Conducting a Home Energy Audit


         Handbooks For Energy Efficiency   


         Solar Performance Calculators


          Handbooks For Energy Efficiency   


          Online Home Energy Audit

          The Weatherization Assistant        
New Supreme Court Decision
Impacts CERCLA Litigation
          EPA Reaches Agreement with Major Airlines to
          Implement New Aircraft Water Protocols

EPA has proposed a rule to conduct specific inquiries into a site's history; If the investigation are performed satisfactorily, the purchasers will not be liable to Superfund cleanup lawsuits


EPA's New Standards for Phase I Site Assessments

       Mold Wreaks Havoc On Homes, Buildings,
       Industry: Will It Be The Next Major Environmental
         EPA Improves Access To Local Water Quality

Local Drinking Water Quality Data is Available thru the new integrated web site

       SEC Regulation S-K , Item 103,
       Corporate Environmental Reporting
       Requirements revisited
       New Chemical Reactivity Worksheet from NOAA

Civil Engineers [ASCE] Give Nation's Infrastructure a "D+"

          Water Purifying Equipment Resources
          EPA's Vehicle Emissions Guide

Use the Vulnerable Zone Indicator System (VZIS) to find out if your home, place of work, or child's school could be affected by a chemical accident.

        New Particulate Matter PM-10 Software Available
Acid Rain Data and Reports on various pollutant and isopleth maps from USGS 
          Do You Know How EPA Selects Facilities
          to Audit for RMP Compliance? find out here.
On Site On-line Tools for Site Assessment
Engineered Approaches to In Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents: Fundamentals and Field Applications
Impact of Emissions, Chemistry, and Climate on  Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide:  100-year Predictions from Global Chemistry-Climate Model

What is Methane?

         Free Emission Estimation
         Software Tools Available 

"Preferred and Alternative Methods for Estimating Air Emissions from Hot Mix Asphalt Plants," report available

Now Available! An updated Emission
factor/SCC/SIC listing from EIIP!

Site Characterization Library—This EPA CD-ROM has over 20,000 pages and 20 computer programs related to the characterization of hazardous waste sites

EPA Guidance documents for Ammonia Refrigeratio, and Wastewater Treatment Plants have been revised
beta Version of PM Calc
[particulate matter software]
is now available
EPA Proposes Revision to Arsenic
Drinking Water Standard

Water Wiser - Clearinghouse for Water Information

Water Reference Library

The Committee for the National Institute of the Environment (CNIE) has developed a collection of online resources dealing with Six Billion Day

A Benefit of Pollution ?

EPA Rarely Reviews Costs/Benefits Of Existing Regulations, GAO Says in Report

A Bold Tactic in the Pollution Wars [Editorial]

New EPA Computer Program Compares/Evaluates Community Pollution Risks [available on CD-ROM]

Environmental Dispute Resolution Resources

MTBE Water Contamination: Key Considerations

Forensic Techniques for Establishing the Origin and Timing of a Contaminant Release


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