Conducting a Home Energy Audit


 Guides for Energy Audits

The Energy Conservation Enhancement Project will present the Energy Audits Activity Guides originaly created for the vocational technical schools in Louisiana, USA. Much of the material contained within is generic in content and may be applied and used by many people throughout the United States and the World.

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and its contractor, University of Southwestern Louisiana, are pleased to provide these Energy Curriculum Guides as part of the Energy Conservation Enhancement Project. This program provides for the enhancement of energy education curriculum materials that were developed for selected courses in the state's vocational-technical schools. This material will increase the knowledge of energy conservation / efficiency techniques of those who will work in building trades. This working knowledge will enhance the students' opportunity for employment as well.
As part of the "Energy Conservation Enhancement Project," the Department of Natural Resources, through its Energy Section, and the University of Southwestern Louisiana are striving to provide a working knowledge of energy conservation / efficiency techniques to the individuals in the building trades or soon to enter the building trades. We hope these guides will help these people and all who visit this Internet site in your energy saving education.

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