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FoxTox Personal Single-Gas Monitors

  • Small, easy to handle, weighs as little as 4.2 ounces, starting at under $500 (US List)
  • Now available - the highly affordable way to monitor oxygen, toxic gas, and combustible gas.
  • The FoxTox series includes the following easy to calbrate, easy to use models:
 FT-2000 Oxygen Monitor (Provides continuous high and low percent oxygen readings for workers in hazardous environments.)
FT-2001 Toxic Gas Monitor (Available with plug-in sensors for CO, H2S, SO, NO, NO2, and CL2.)
FT-2002 Combustible Gas Monitor (For continuous low explosion level (LEL) monitoring of a wide range of combustible gases. Comes with  plug-in recharger.)
Effective April 24, 2000, Foxboro announces the sale of its Environmental Monitoring Operations (EMO) business to Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc. (Thermo) of Franklin, Massachusetts.   If you have any questions contact Ken Brown 1-508-549-4217.


For more information contact us at http://www.foxboro.com/emo

Or call 888-Foxboro (888-369-2676)

or 508-378-5556.

Fax 508-378-5505

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