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FREE! Hydrocarbon Range vs. EPA Analytical Method Chart & List of 20 Environmental Assessment Questions

FREE! Now you can get a free 8x10 multi-colored Chart which easily correlates the Hydrocarbon Range of various end products [i.e. gasoline, stoddard solvent, diesel fuel, etc.] with the corresponding US Environmental Protection Agency Analytical Methods. It's a great cheat sheet! As an attorney or consultant, haven't you ever reviewed data or reports only to wonder if the proper test was performed to test for correct chemicals? Do you really know which analytical method is used to test for benzene in gasoline--off the top of your head? [Okay, it's 8020, but that was an easy one.] We'll even send it in an unmarked brown envelope so no one will ever know you've got it in your briefcase. Impress your friends and colleagues or clients with your off-hand remarks on the nuances of EPA 8020 versus EPA 8015! Well, maybe just your colleagues and your clients. Clive Barnes of the New York Times thought it was "terrific, fun to read...a real hoot..." Just click here to request a chart from EDP.

FREE! Receive a List of 20 Questions we've developed that the ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate including: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Process [E1527-93] and Transaction Screen Process[ASTM Standard E1528-93] doesn't ask! These questions are useful, get the data and are not as intimidating. Just click here to order your copy.

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