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The Environmental Monitoring Catalog of Sensors, Samplers and Systems

Our catalog includes the most complete line of environmental monitoring sensors, samplers and systems for measuring water and weather. Our instrumentation has a strong reputation for durability, ease of use and the most common, easiest to set up, interface with your PC.


Water Level Logger (WL14) Groundwater * Surface Water * Stormwater * Sewers


  • Low Power / Internal Battery
  • Logs 6000 Readings
  • 12 Bit Resolution (0.003')
  • 0.2% Accuracy
  • EZ-PC Software (Included)
  • Temperature and Barometric Pressure Compensation

The WL14 includes a datalogger with water level sensor for remote monitoring and recording of water level data. This highly reliable and accurate water level logger records 6000 readings and it is programmable from one reading per minute to one reading per hour. Range of 0 -14' water level is standard. (See optional ranges below). A 25' cable is provided with optional cable lengths to 500'.

The Global WL14 Water Level Logger is housed in a weatherproof cylindrical enclosure. It is easily adapted with standard hardware for well-head mounting or other installations. The internal 9 VDC battery powers the logger and sensor for one year. EZ-PC software allows upload of data to standard spreadsheets on any PC computer.


Input: Analog 0-4 VDC
Recording Interval: Programmable (minutes): 1, 2, 3, 6,12, 15, 20, 30, 60
Memory: 6,000 readings, wrap-around type
Recording Period: 1 hour interval: 256 days; 15 minute interval: 64 days; 5 minute interval: 21 days
Battery Life: Lithium 9 VDC battery: 1 year. Alkaline 9 VDC battery: 6 months
Enclosure Size: 3.5" diameter X 5.0" high
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Computer Interface: RS 232C, 9-pin female connector provided
Software: 3.5" disc, DOS compatible
Software Features: Programmable Record Interval, Scaling for Engineering Units, Output in Spreadsheet Format, Real-Time Monitoring

Ordering Information
#WL14 Water Level Logger (0-14' range).......$795
#Optional Range 3', 28', 150' (Specify Range)
#Optional Extra Cable (EXC) (Specify total length).......$1.25/ft.
(Quantity and dealer discounts available)

WL14 Water Level Logger; remote monitoring and recording $795
WL300 Water Level Sensor; submersible, 4-20 MA 25' cable $495
WL318 Extra Cable $1.50/ft.
GB300 Water Level Bubbler; 25' hose, 4-20 MA $585
UL400 Ultrasonic Level Sensor $650
DP100 LED Display with high/low alarm (for above sensors) $285
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FP101 Flow Probe (3'-6' handle) $695
FP201 Flow Probe (5'-15' handle) $735
IF200 Insertion Flow Meter; 2" to 30" diameter: rate and total $595
IRR100 Irrigation Flow Meter; specify pipe diameter: 12 to 60" $895
FC103 Open Channel Flow Monitor, 3' range; 25' cable, AC powered $1395
FC120 Open Channel Flow Monitor, 20' range; 25' cable, AC powered $1395
AV100 Area Velocity Flow Logger; depth, velocity, flow, 25' cable $3750
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SS201 Stormwater Sampler with Rain Gauge $985
WS300 Wastewater Sampler $965
SP100 Portable Sampling Pump, 1 liter/min.; internal rechargeable battery $295
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WQ101 Temperature; submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $200
WQ401 Dissolved Oxygen; submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $600
WQ301 Conductivity; submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $465
WQ201 pH; submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $440
WQ600 ORP/Specific Ion (specify); submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $440
WQ700 Turbidity; submersible, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $800
WQEXC Extra Cable, specify total by length required $1/ft
WQ760 Display for Turbidity Sensor; 0-200 NTU, battery operated, weatherproof case $285
WQ785 LED Display Turbidity Sensor; linearizing, 0-1500 NTU, AC powered $485
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WE550 Wind Speed; 0-100 MPH, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $325
WE570 Wind Direction; 0-360, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $325
WE700 Temperature; -50C to +50C, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $200
WE600 Humidity; 0-100%, 4-20 MA, 25' cable $325
WE770 Solar Shield for Temperature/Humidity $125
WE300 Solar Radiation; high stability silicon photovoltaic detector $325
WE100 Barometric Pressure; 4-20 MA, 25' cable $325
AT210 Soil Moisture; 4-20 MA, 25' cable $285
WEEXC Extra Cable; specify total length $1/ft
RG600 Rain Gauge; tipping bucket, 8" $375
RG700 4-20 Rain Gauge Output (for RG600) $225
RG780 Rain Gauge Logger with Software (for RG600) $385
RG200 Low-Cost Rain Gauge; Tipping Bucket $135
BT116 High Accuracy Barometric Pressure; 0-5 VDC output $995
WS300 Complete Weather Station with Datalogger and Software $2685
WS330 Tripod/Mounting (fully assembled) $220
GL333 Telephone Modem $375
SB102 Solar Panel (350 MA) $280
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AD101 Global Dialer $895
AD102 Dialer Programmer $395
WD100 Watch Dog $1295
GL300-A Global Logger III A; 4 analog, 1 digital $885
GL300-B Global Logger III B; 8 analog, 2 digital $1265
GL330 Battery Charger $50
GL333 Telephone Modem; 1200 baud, low power $200
LS4 Global Logger Software $200
SP101 8 MA Solar Panel with Bracket $135
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Our goal is to provide you with the finest in water instrumentation, at the most reasonable prices possible--always fully supported and 100% guaranteed. If you have special requirements or questions about how to most effectively meet the specifications for a particular job, our staff will be pleased to work with you to develop the best solution possible.

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