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   Industrial Scientific Corporation - An Overview


Industrial Scientific designs, manufactures and markets portable instruments for detecting, measuring and monitoring hazardous gases to protect and preserve human life.

The company started as the Research Division of National Mine Service Company (NMS). In 1976, the division developed and introduced an instrument for the detection of methane gas, which was approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, and followed with the development of instruments for the detection of other combustible hydrocarbon gases. In 1985 NMS sold the division, and Industrial Scientific Corporation began independent operations on January 25, 1985.

With continuous investments in research and engineering design, the instrument family grew to include patented technologies and state-of-the-art designs. Industrial Scientific became the name for the most rugged and dependable gas instrumentation on the market.

On June 30, 1993, the company had its initial public stock offering. Industrial Scientific is a Pennsylvania corporation and trades on NASDAQ under the symbol ISCX. In 1994 Industrial Scientific was the first industry manufacturer to be certified under the Quality Standards of ISO9001. This certification is a symbol of Industrial Scientific’s continuing pledge to provide the highest quality life-protection instruments.

Industrial Scientific Today

Industrial Scientific leads the industry with innovative product and service offerings. Our commitment to research and development in the areas of sensor technology, software, electrical and mechanical development results in cost effective solutions to worldwide problems. Our mission to provide the best customer service available has no limits. Industrial Scientific’s position as a market leader is a true indication of our ability to provide satisfied customers with the highest quality gas monitoring products. To back our quality standards, we provide a lifetime guarantee for all portable gas monitors we make.


Industrial Scientific ISO 9001 Certification

ISO9001 Registered Quality System

The Industrial Scientific Corporation Quality System has been registered by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) to ISO9001 since February 1994. Industrial Scientific holds BVQI certificates with accreditation by the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB, United States), the National Accreditation of Certification Bodies (NACCB, United Kingdom), the Raad voor de Certificate (RvC, Netherlands), the Deutscher AkkreditierungsRat (DAR, Germany), and the Swiss Certification Service (Switzerland).

Scope of ISO9001 Registration

"Design, development, manufacture, supply and service of electronic instrumentation and related accessories used for quantitative measurement of toxic gases, flammable gases and oxygen."

ISC Quality Policy

"Industrial Scientific Corporation is dedicated to continually improve products, services and total individual skills for the benefit of customers. This is the highest priority of the corporation.

We, as the employees, Board of Directors and owners of Industrial Scientific, will strive in every transaction, every day, to exceed customer expectations."


O....HIGHLIGHTING just one of our many products:


MDU420 Dual-Range Methane Monitor

  • Detects Concentrations of Methane Gas from 0 to 100% by Volume
  • Auto Ranging from % of LEL to % of Volume of Gas
  • Informs the User when Calibration is Required
  • 5-year Sensor Warranty
  • Optional Data Logging
  • Compact and Lightweight

Industrial Scientific's MDU420 Dual-Range Methane Monitor delivers the reliability of infrared sensor technology with the convenience of a compact-sized, easy-to-carry instrument. Using patented dual-range infrared technology, the MDU420 Methane Monitor does the job of two gas monitors: detecting both low-and high-levels of methane gas, from 0 to 100% of volume. This flexibility makes it the one instrument to fit almost any application where methane must be monitored. Whether reading methane levels in ambient air or inserting a probe directly into a gas stream, the MDU420 delivers a full range of reliable performance. The patented sensor carries a five-year warranty and requires only infrequent calibration. (The MDU420 will even tell you when it's time to calibrate.

Most important, the MDU420 features the ruggedness and dependability you've come to expect from Industrial Scientific ... as well as our lifetime guarantee.

Infrared Technology Provides Long Sensor Life, Less Frequent Calibration
Compact and Lightweight, Easy to Use

Industrial Scientific's MDU420 utilizes patented infrared sensor technology to detect the presence of methane gas at any level. Infrared sensors are extremely accurate and stable, leading to the MDU420's 5-year warranty on the sensor. The infrared sensor is capable of detecting methane gas in concentrations from within the LEL to up to 100% of volume.

The accuracy and dependability of the infrared sensor means the instrument can operate for longer periods of time without needing calibration. When it's time to calibrate, the instrument will alert the user with a message on its LCD display. It's simple: The user doesn't need to calibrate the instrument until the instrument says that it's time.


Construction: Type 304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75" x 2" (121mm x 70mm x 51mm)
Weight: <30 ounces (850 grams)
Display: Liquid Crystal Display, backlit
Sensor: Field replaceable infrared absorption (patented)
Measuring Range: LEL Mode; 0-100% LEL, 6-100% by volume CH4
CH4 Mode: 0-100% by volume
Temperature Range: -4oF to 122oF (-20oC to +50oC)
Humidity Range: 0 to 100% RH when used with sampling probe and water trap filter
Run Time; Ni-Cad battery pack: 8 hours (minimum)
Replaceable Lithium battery pack: 10 hours (minimum)
Safety Classifications: UL and CSA for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D

Ordering Information

The MDU420 comes equipped with the user's choice of sampling probe and battery pack. Optional accessories for the instrument include a leather carrying case and data logging module. To select the configuration that best fits your specific needs, choose the appropriate part number for each feature or option from data available on our website:. www.indsci.com.




Industrial Scientific Resources

Go to our website for more info on:

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Industrial Scientific Corporation Rental Schedule

Instruments / Description Weekly Price Monthly Price
Single Gas Monitor
Sensors Available; CO,NO,O2,H2S,SO2,NO2,CL2,NH3 & HCN
Data Logging Hygiene Capabilities Available
$90.00 $270.00
2 Sensor; Multi-Gas Monitor
Maximum of Two Sensors; One Toxic Sensor, Oxygen Sensor or Combustible Sensor Toxic Sensors Available; CO,NO,H2S,SO2,NO2,CL2,NH3 & HCN Combustible Sensor Configuration; % LEL or % by Volume CH4
$125.00 $375.00
3 Sensor; Multi-Gas Monitor
Maximum of Three Sensors; One Toxic Sensor, Oxygen Sensor & Combustible Sensor
Toxic Sensors Available; CO,NO,H2S,SO2,NO2,CL2,NH3 & HCN. Combustible Sensor Configuration; % LEL or % by Volume CH4
$150.00 $450.00
4 Sensor; Multi-Gas Monitor
Maximum of Four Sensors; Two Toxic Sensors, Oxygen Sensor & Combustible Sensor. Toxic Sensors Available; CO,H2S,SO2,NO2,CL2 Combustible Sensor Configuration; % LEL or % by Volume CH4. Data Logging Hygiene Capabilities Available
$200.00 $600.00
SP400/200; Mechanical Sample Pump $25.00 $75.00
TMX410/412 Software Kit; Disks & Cables $25.00 $25.00
STX70 Software Kit; Disks & Cables $25.00 $25.00
Flow Regulator with Pressure Gauge $50.00 $50.00
External Alarm for 200,300,400 series inst $20.00 $60.00
Vibrating Alarm for 200,300,400 series inst. $15.00 $45.00
Vibrating Alarm for STX70 $15.00 $45.00
Single/Multi Chargers (Compact & Dual Rate) $0.00 $0.00
Calibration Equipment; Purchased Items    
Calibration Gases; Toxics & Combustibles $xxx.xx $xxx.xx
Price Schedule 3/18/96
Please call for daily rental rates!



Industrial Scientific Corporation
1001 Oakdale Road
Oakdale, PA 15071-1500
Voice: (412) 788-4353
1-800-DETECTS (338-3287)

Fax: (412) 788-8353
email: info@indsci.com



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