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HAPSITE is the new field-portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) for easy and dependable on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Battery-powered, lightweight, and weatherproof, HAPSITE can speciate and quantify VOCs in minutes, significantly reducing the cost, time, and difficulties of environmental testing.

HAPSITE provides confirmatory test results immediately on-site, making it ideal for stationary source testing, hazardous-waste site investigations, and emergency response. Engineered for the field, HAPSITE is designed to be carried to the test site and to endure a harsh testing environment. Its critical components are resiliently mounted to withstand the rough handling and shocks typical of field work.

BACKPACK.JPG (3083 bytes)Weighing about 35 pounds, HAPSITE contains everything needed to acquire and analyze VOC samples in the field. Its innovative direct-sampling system makes testing much easier, because it eliminates the problems associated with conventional collecting, shipping, storing, and analyzing of samples. Since HAPSITE provides verifiable test results on site, costly retesting is eliminated.

HAPSITE is easy to use in the field. A technician selects a method, and HAPSITE sets and monitors all the operating conditions, signaling when to start sampling. Completely automatic, HAPSITE finishes the sampling process quickly and delivers more reliable results which are displayed in simple terms on the instrument's front panel.

HAPSITE's Windows-based software allows customized data analysis and methods development. To review data saved on the instrument's hard drive, download to a diskette or connect to a PC. The software gives users the ability to modify or create new sampling, operating, and analysis methods.



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