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Engineered Approaches to In Situ Bioremediation of
Chlorinated Solvents: Fundamentals and Field Applications

This document (EPA 542-R-00-008)  produced by the U.S. EPA
Technology Innovation Office, provides an overview of in situ
bioremediation to remediate chlorinated solvents in contaminated
soil and groundwater. It describes degradation mechanisms for
chlorinated solvents, enhancements of these mechanisms by the
addition of various materials and chemicals, design approaches,
and factors to consider when selecting and using the technology.
The study also includes nine case studies of field applications and a
summary of treatment vendors. View or download at
http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm . For hard copies, contact (800) 490-9198
or (513) 489-8190 or fax to (513) 489-8695.

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