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Why waste time and money in unnecessary investigations and cleanup? The U.S. EPA recently published comprehensive Soil Screening Levels (SSLs) guidelines (EPA/540/R-95/128 and EPA/540/R-96/018) to standardize and accelerate the evaluation and cleanup of contaminated sites. These guidelines provide generic SSLs (Tier 1), methodologies to calculate site-specific SSLs (Tier 2), and models for detailed assessment (Tier 3). RBSSL (Risk-Based SSLs) computer software implements these comprehensive guidelines. Some basic RBSSL features:

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Automatic generation of Conceptual Site Model (CSM)
  • Rapidly calculates site-specific, risk-based SSLs
  • Generic Soil Screening Levels
  • State-by-State cleanup standards
  • Standardized electronic forms and worksheets
  • Geostatistical package
  • Integrated database system with point-and-click interface
  • Chemical/toxicological databases for over 600 chemicals
  • Extensive soil parameter databases plus soil default parameters
  • Guidance on soil parameter estimation methods
  • On-line help prompts and error warnings
  • Spreadsheet and graphic output capabilities
  • NO extra purchase of spreadsheet software is necessary
  • Lease or buy depending on your needs


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