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Bridge the Gap to your Environmental, Health and Safety Information

DataPipe is a comprehensive, software program that allows you to collect and manage a wide range of environmental, health and safety information. DataPipe stores, recalls, reports and analyzes information through integrated modules. This multi-user database systems runs on networked PCs and uses Windows as its operating environment. DataPipe has more than 150 health, environmental and safety modules.

Manage Environmental Health and Safety Information

DataPipe allows you to bring together the related information you need in one integrated system. With DataPipe, you will be able to maintain accurate information, which you can locate and review in a timely manner. As a result, the software helps you become more responsive to changing regulations and business needs. DataPipe can obtain data directly from various instruments, eliminating the need to manually enter information. And DataPipe's Windows environment is easy to use.

DataPipe can help save your Organization Time and Money

DataPipe allows your organization to gather and review safety, health and environmental information quickly and simply. DataPipe stores information in one easy-to-access, modular computer database system. The lets you integrate many types of information, so you can identify trends and conduct risk analyses more efficiently. And DataPipe helps save time. One customer, for example, found that DataPipe compressed reporting functions from two calendar weeks to two minutes. Plus, you can start with only the modules you need now, adding more later easily and seamlessly.

DataPipe is a Windows-based, multi-user, network-independent Database System

DataPipe allows multiple users to access information from a system of modules that communicate with one another. Users can create ad hoc and custom reports. DataPipe imports and exports approximately a dozen different standard file formats. The software can also download data from instruments that have RS-232 interfaces. It links with images and word processing programs, and can use spreadsheets from other systems.

DataPipe is network independent. DataPipe has supported Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows NT Server, Banyan Vines and other Windows-compatible networks. DataPipe's network version includes record locking and other multi-user functions.

DataPipe runs on Microsoft Windows or compatible operating environments. DataPipe requires a minimum of 10 MB of hard disk space for standard programs, forms, reports and online help. The typical system will need additional hard disk space for data and other modules. A color VGA monitor is recommended to view DataPipe's forms and menus.

For some interesting client successes and more on the professional honors bestowed on DataPipe check out the Knorr Associates Website!

Read about DataPipe in the following trade publications:

  • Occupational Health & Safety magazine, October, 1995
  • Environmental Protection magazine, August, 1995

About Knorr Associates

Founded in 1979, privately-held and self-funded Knorr Associates is an engineering and software development company specializing in occupational health, safety and environmental information management. Headquartered in northern New Jersey, Knorr Associates' mission is to supply advanced, high quality, easy-to-use software systems. We provide related training and application consulting services that support our clients' occupational health, safety and environmental data collection, analysis and reporting needs worldwide. Since 1989, our principal product, DataPipe, has been implemented throughout the world by small companies and international corporations.

We maintain close contact with out clients through our software maintenance program, DataPipe's direct user feedback mechanism, an online communications server and Internet site, and periodic user group meetings and seminars.

Comments or Questions

For information on DataPipe, please send e-mail to mailroom@knorr.com, phone us at 201-492-8500 or fax us your request to 201-492-0453. Find out about our downloadable DataPipe Demo.


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