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Spill control is important at

You'll find useful reference information on this subject and many more. Plus, gives you the chance to get spill products and more than 100,000 other great products with just a few clicks.

Sorbent Forms

Booms are cylindrical and vary in length and width. Booms are used to control and contain spills. Some booms are made to be used to contain spills on water, and can be connected together and deployed onto the water as a large spill barrier.

Socks or mini booms are cylindrical and vary in length and width. This form of sorbent is typically used in facility spill response or maintenance applications. Socks can be used to contain spills or placed around machinery or other equipment to contain leaks.

Pillows are rectangular and filled with sorbent media. They're used to clean up medium-sized spills. Place pillows under drip pans to eliminate overflow problems, or use as a precaution for a possible spill when transferring liquids.

Pads and rolls are flat sorbent sheets available in unperforated rolls, perforated rolls or manufactured to a specific size, up to 300 feet long. Pads can be used to line shelves, catch leaks under machinery and clean up spills. Rolls can be cut to specific lengths for larger applications.

Loose sorbents are composed of sorbent media that is not contained in any type of pillow or mesh. Application of loose sorbents depends on the type of sorbent media used. Loose sorbents are typically used on small spills.

Sorbent Categories

The three categories of sorbents are: universal, petroleum and maintenance. These categories are made up of several different sorbent materials, including synthetics such as polypropylene; inorganic materials, such as expanded silicates and clay; and organic materials, such as cellulose and wood fibers.

Universal sorbents are designed to absorb any liquid. They will absorb aggressive liquids, such as acids and bases, as well as non aggressive liquids and solvents, such as cleaners, water-based fluids, gasoline and alcohols. Universal sorbents are made of polypropylene or expanded silicate materials.

Note: When cleaning up hydrofluoric acid, do not use an expanded silicate absorbent, as the expanded silicate material will react with the hydrofluoric acid. Instead, use a sorbent made of polypropylene.

Petroleum sorbents or "oil-only sorbents" are designed for absorption of oil and/or petroleum-based liquids. These sorbents are hydrophobic, which means they will not absorb water or water-based liquids. These can be deployed on water surfaces for emergency cleanup of spills, or used in maintenance applications for hydraulic and engine oil cleanup. Petroleum sorbents are made of polypropylene or treated cellulose.

Maintenance sorbents absorb non aggressive liquids commonly found in manufacturing/maintenance operations. Examples of these liquids include coolants, lubricants, oils and cutting fluids. Maintenance sorbents will pick up water-based as well as oil-based fluids. These sorbents are typically made of recycled materials, such as cotton, wool, cellulose or corn cob. They can also be made of polypropylene, or a combination of the materials listed above.

Sorbent Capacity

Sorbent capacity can be listed by the amount of weight it will absorb in relation to itself ("Absorbs 12 times its weight.") or by its liquid capacity ("Absorbs 8 gallons."). For example, if a boom weighs one pound and absorbs 12 times its weight, it will absorb 12 pounds of fluid. However, since all liquids don't weigh the same per gallon, the weight capacity of the sorbent actually varies from liquid to liquid. So perhaps a more accurate way to assess sorbent capacity is by how many gallons it will absorb, or its liquid capacity. This amount will remain fairly static, regardless of the fluid weight. A boom that's 4' long and 3" inches in diameter will typically absorb 1 to 11/4 gallons of liquid. A pad that measures 16" x 20" and is 3/16" thick will absorb 28–32  fluid ounces. (Both of these examples are for polypropylene sorbents. Other materials may have different sorbent capacities.)

Sources For More Information

29 CFR 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

Emergency Spill Response Pocket Guide, Lab Safety Supply Product Number 26221

Please Note: The information contained in this publication is intended for general information purposes only. This publication is not a substitute for review of the applicable government regulations and standards, and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. Readers with specific questions should refer to the cited regulation or consult with an attorney.

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