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We have been providing solutions to Fortune 500s, Government Agencies, Corporations, Environmental Consultants, Real Estate Professionals, and Civil Engineering Firms since 1985.

SASWin! Full Windows SAS!

What is Site Assessmenttm Software?
A complete package you can use to produce Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Transaction Screening narrative reports to ASTM standards by selecting from over 4700 expertly-written sections of text. Our text is approved by an environmental attorney.

For more info on Site Assessmenttm Software and to download a demo

We include text for:
  • Cover letter/Executive Summary/Recommendations
  • Scope, Function, & Purpose
  • Certification/Limiting Conditions and Disclaimers
  • Site Descriptions and Observations
  • Structural Elements and Inherent Contaminations
  • History of Current and Past Usage of Subject and Adjacent Sites
  • On-site Field Observations
  • Storage Tanks - Aboveground and Underground
  • Industrial Usages - Including SARA Title III Chemicals
  • Crop and Livestock Contaminations
  • Manure Handling Systems
  • Residential Usages
  • Radon and Hydrocarbon Vapor Test Results
  • Biomes, Vegetation. and Wildlife Surveys
  • Local Infrastructure
  • Federal, State, and Local Records/Registrations
  • Haz-mat Records
  • Commercial Usages
  • Environmental Contamination
  • ASTM E1527-94 Actual Text (optional

A current DOS version is also available

What is Permit Trackertm Software?
Use this to track any permits, including the application process, responses to requests for additional information, extension requests, compliance actions and follow-ups. Instantly access permit records, print project status reports, and preview milestones. We handle the year 2000 problem, now.
For more info on Permit Trackertm Software and to download a demo of Permit Tracker (.EXE, 133k)

All of our products are easy-to-use and menu-driven giving the user professional solutions to problems that cost time and money. You also have the ability to link electronic images allowing visual information to be readily available.

If you are involved in civil engineering, construction, mining, manufacturing, site operations, or infrastructure you need to effectively manage many types of permits.

Our menu-driven Permit Trackertm software will allow you to set up a master catalog of the permits and actions you want to track. Then you create project or site records, pop-up the catalog and activate permit records, add the dates, and enter notes to record your actions.

Now you can have all the information you need, instantly, at the touch of a key.

Produce status reports to inform you of:

  • Submit, response, and resubmit dates
  • Requests for Additional Information (RAI)
  • Pending expirations and other action dates
  • Responses that are overdue from the issuer
  • Responses from the issuing agencies needing your follow-up
  • Project / permit status and documentation of the process
  • Notes related to projects provide an audit trail of your actions
  • Changes to dates automatically recorded in a log file
  • Projects using related permits

Some user comments.....

"Permit Trackertm is easy to learn and use. You don't have to fumble through a filing cabinet looking for permit expiration dates."
Lisa Spooner, Alpha Engineering, Lakeland, FL

"This is a friendly, useful program for those who must keep track of a variety of permits and their associated actions and requirements..."Environmental Protection Magazine

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