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What is Methane Gas?


This page is published by the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA), an entity
responsible for strategic management of air quality in Alberta, Canada. This is
a straightforward fact sheet explaining what methane is, how it is formed, its
effects and what can be done to reduce its emissions. This is very helpful for
the lay person seeking to understand one of the most rampant greenhouse gases.


Options to Reduce Methane Emissions [in the European Union]

This study for Director-General XI of the European Commission (EU), considers
methane emissions within the EU. For each of the major source sectors (enteric
fermentation from livestock, livestock manures, landfills, coal mining and the
oil and gas sector) the report examines the technical feasibility of measures to
reduce emissions. Wherever sufficient cost and performance data is available,
the cost-effectiveness of the measures is also estimated. Emissions are
projected through 2020 at current levels and assessed against abatement

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