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New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

Don't Let the Fast-Track System Derail Your Environmental Litigation

New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA EPA's Water Quality Standards Handbook
New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA         On EPA Web Site: Consumers Can Calculate How  Individual Energy Use Contributes to Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Air Pollution
New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

Rice University researchers say that microbes

can help us get more biofuel for the buck.

Go To RFP's
             U.S. Government Request for Proposals
             Environmental RFPs - Updated as of
             July 13, 2009                                               
New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

             EPA Proposes Tougher Smog Rules

New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

     Technion architects turn dew into clean water

New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA NEW EPA BASINS 4.0 software is a valuable tool for   watershed and water quality-based analyses, including developing total maximum daily load (TMDL) allocations
New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA ENERGY TRENDS IN SELECTED MANUFACTURING SECTORS: Opportunities and Challenges for Environmentally Preferable Energy Outcomes
New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

          Applicants Sought for $19 million in

          Watershed Grants from US EPA

New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA

Conference on Soil, Sediments and Water

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

October 16-19, 2006

New Supreme Court Decision Impacts CERCLA
New Supreme Court Decision
Impacts CERCLA Litigation
Moisture New Free HUD Report
         Just Released: Building Moisture and Durability
         Past, Present, and Future Work, October 2004
         from HUD
Aircraft Protocols
          EPA Reaches Agreement with Major Airlines to
          Implement New Aircraft Water Protocols
Mold & Fungus:  A Critical Observation

EPA has proposed a rule to conduct specific inquiries into a site's history; If the investigation are performed satisfactorily, the purchasers will not be liable to Superfund cleanup lawsuits

Mold & Fungus:  A Critical Observation

EPA's New Standards for Phase I Site Assessments

Mold & Fungus:  A Critical Observation
       Mold Wreaks Havoc On Homes, Buildings, Industry:
       Will It Be The Next Major Environmental Hazard?
Water Quality Academy
       Water Quality Standards Academy - Offering
       Basic Course from US EPA this Spring
EPA FY 2005 Budget
       FY 2005 Budget Empowers Agency to Accelerate
       Environmental Protection
European Environmental News         Developing European Environmental News
EPA - SEC Environmental Alert
         EPA Environmental Alert: Public
         Environmental SEC Disclosures Requirements
Slow US Military Site Cleanup          Agency says U.S. is slow on military site cleanup
Local Drinking WAtrerr Quality Data is Available
         EPA Improves Access To Local Water Quality
National Water Quality Relational Data is available

Local Drinking Water Quality Data is Available thru the new integrated web site

SEC Environmental Reporting
       SEC Regulation S-K , Item 103,
       Corporate Environmental Reporting
       Requirements revisited
Small Buisiness Innovation Research
      EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
      Phase I Solicitation - RFP
Water Equipment -  Blackout Concerns         Water Equipment -- Blackout Protection in Doubt
Local Emergency Planning Committee
          Local Emergency Planning Committee
                         (LEPC) Database Update
Chemical Reactivity Worksheet            New Chemical Reactivity Worksheet from NOAA
ASCE National Report Card

Civil Engineers [ASCE] Give Nation's Infrastructure a "D+"

Brownfield Submission Deadline

Reminder of Proposal Deadline for the Competition for the FY 2001 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilots

Water Purifying Equipment Resources           Water Purifying Equipment Resources
EPA Vehicle Emission Guide           EPA's Vehicle Emissions Guide
Vulnerable Zone Information System

Use the Vulnerable Zone Indicator System (VZIS) to find out if your home, place of work, or child's school could be affected by a chemical accident.

Particulate Matter Software         New Particulate Matter PM-10 Software Available
Acid Rain Data and Reports
Acid Rain Data and Reports on various pollutant and isopleth maps from USGS 
Risk Management Plan
          Do You Know How EPA Selects Facilities
          to Audit for RMP Compliance? find out here.
OnSite Online Assessment Tools On Site On-line Tools for Site Assessment
InSitu Bioremediation
Engineered Approaches to In Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents: Fundamentals and Field Applications
Carbon Monoxide Model
 Impact of Emissions, Chemistry, and Climate on  Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide: 100-year Predictions from a Global Chemistry-Climate Model
What is Methane Gas?

What is Methane?

Emission Estimation Software
         Free Emission Estimation
         Software Tools Available 
Asphalt Plant Emissions Report

"Preferred and Alternative Methods for Estimating Air Emissions from Hot Mix Asphalt Plants," report available

Emissions Factors
Now Available! An updated Emission
factor/SCC/SIC listing from EIIP!
Disanne SaxLetter-August 2000

The Dianne Saxe Letters
August 2000

Site Characterization Library CD-ROM

Site Characterization Library—This EPA CD-ROM has over 20,000 pages and 20 computer programs related to the characterization of hazardous waste sites

General Guidance for Risk Management Programs
EPA Guidance documents for Ammonia Refrigeration, Warehouses, Chemical Distributors, and Wastewater Treatment Plants have been revised
Go To PM Calc
beta Version of PM Calc
[particulate matter software]
is now available
Go To Arsenic Standard
EPA Proposes Revision to Arsenic
Drinking Water Standard
Go To UNESCO Posting

UNESCO inviting applications for Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences

Go To Toxic Release Inventory

May 5, 2000 -The U.S. EPA today released the 1998 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data, the national community right-to-know update 

Go To WaterWiser

Water Wiser - Clearinghouse for Water Information

Go to Water Reference Library

Water Reference Library

Go to Brownfields: Call for Papers

Brownfields : Call For Papers

Go to Superfund Grants

US EPA To Award Superfund Redevelopment Grants

Go to Brownfields Cleanup
US EPA Seeks Proposals  for Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilots
Go to Brownfields
CERCLA (Superfund, Section 104) National Brownfields Assessment Pilots Notice of proposal deadlines, revised guidelines.
Go to EPA mileage
25th Annual EPA Auto Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Rankings
Go to Casmalia Settlement

New EPA Cleanup Strategy for  Casmalia to Save Over $100 Million

Go to Environmental Six Billion Day

The Committee for the National Institute of the Environment (CNIE) has developed a collection of online resources dealing with Six Billion Day

Go to Nuclear Waste buildup

Nuclear Site is Battling a Rising Tide of Waste: As Storage Tank Fills, Experts Are Baffled

Go to Nuclear Waste buildup

Industrial Chemicals and Terrorism:  Human Health Threat Analysis, Mitigation and Prevention

Go to Cost/Benefit Analyses

A Benefit of Pollution ?

Go to Cost/Benefit Analyses

EPA Rarely Reviews Costs/Benefits Of Existing Regulations, GAO Says in Report

Go to Pollution Wars [editorial]

A Bold Tactic in the Pollution Wars [Editorial]

Go to Storm Ecosystem Changes

Storm Cuts Path of Pollution: Runoff a Threat to Ecosystyems.

Go to E.Coli Protection

Federal Rules in Place to Protect Against E. Coli Outbreaks, EPA Says

Go to EPA Grants

US EPA Educational Grants

Go to Superfund News

Superfund: New House bill Would Shift Costs to Taxpayers

Go to Northeast and MTBE

The Northeast U.S. & MTBE Contamination

Go to EPA & Lead
EPA Says Compliance Costs Would Be $116 Million For TRI Lead Threshold
Go to Saxe Letters

EPA Announces First National Database on Contaminants, Water Sources-August 9, 1999

Go to Saxe Letters
The Dianne Saxe Letters
August 1999
Go to Environmental Dispute Resolution Resources

New EPA Computer Program Compares/Evaluates Community Pollution Risks [available on CD-ROM]

Go to Environmental Dispute Resolution Resources

Environmental Dispute Resolution Resources

Go to Saxe Letters
The Dianne Saxe Letters
July 1999
Go to EPA News

Latest News from US EPA : 190 Companies to Fill in Gaps on 1100 Chemicals

Go to Environmental Consultants
Where Is Your Environmental Report?
Is the Author Missing in Action? Has IPO/Merger mania moved it out of state?
Go to Saxe Letters
The Dianne Saxe Letters
November 1998
Click Here for Dorson

Underground Storage Tanks and Property Values:  A Dorson Environmental Newsletter

Go to Saxe Letters
The Dianne Saxe Letters
July 1998
Download EPA Software

Free U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Software Related to Risk and Remediation

Go to Environmental Contractors Article

Did You Chose the Right Environmental Contractor?

MBTE Water Contamination - Key Considerations
MTBE Water Contamination:
Key Considerations
Go To Forensic Techniques

Forensic Techniques for Establishing the Origin and Timing of a Contaminant Release

Go to Case History

Underground Tank Owners Should Be Aware...

Environmental Mediation

Resolving Environmental Disputes with Environmental Team Mediation

Go to Case History
Case History:
Six week RBCA Saving $300,000.00.


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