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Royce Instrument Corporation has over 80 professional representatives with over 115 offices around the world. There are 7 Field Engineering Managers located throughout the United States and the Pacific Rim for quick field technical support. Factory Technical Support and inside sales groups are available in New Orleans.

Royce is ISO-9001 Certified and all instrumentation
meets ETL/CSA and CE specification conformance standards.


  • Parts Per Million Range Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers/Controllers
  • Parts Per Billion Range Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers/Controllers
  • Interface/Sludge Level Analyzers/Controllers
  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solids Analyzers/Controllers
  • pH/ORP Analyzers/Controllers

Presenting: The Model 53 Pipe -Insertion pH / ORP Electrode System


  • Rugged 11/2" MPT process connection
  • Insertion tube .065" (316) SS wall
  • Simple electrode replacement
  • Combination electrode design
  • Annular reference junction
  • Built-in preamplification available
  • Temperature compensation available
  • Exclusive "Hard Glass" bulb available
  • Double reference junction available

For sales, service or technical support information, contact us at the following communications numbers, or let your computer contact us for you.

Royce Instrument Corporation
13555 Gentilly Road
New Orleans, LA 70129

Fax 504.254.8855
E-mail us at: info

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