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Innovation on an International Level

Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. (R&P) specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of technology-leading products for applications that require accurate mass measurement. The company markets products in the areas of ambient air quality, diesel particulate exhaust, power plant efficiency and catalyst research. Customers include air pollution monitoring networks, diesel engine manufacturers, power companies and catalyst producers around the world. A number of patented technologies developed by the firm give its products unmatched capabilities.

A significant proportion of the company's business involves export outside the U.S. Working closely with distributors worldwide, R&P has established a reputation in the international arena for leading-edge products backed by uncompromising service.

R&P Born in Space

Through the early 1980's this unique, patented method gained the attention of a number of U.S. government agencies. The company has worked together with organizations such as NASA, U.S. Bureau of Mines and U.S. Department of Energy to develop new hardware for specialized applications. The firm's expertise in inertial mass measurement led Lockheed to choose R&P hardware for the U.S. Space Station (photo at right). Many of the features built into R&P's commercial instrumentation are spin-offs from projects undertaken for organizations such as NASA.

Guideposts Since its incorporation in 1981, the company has commercialized a number of technologies in the form of advanced instrumentation to address critical measurement needs of customers around the world. R&P has experienced substantial growth over the years with the success of its product lines, and has outgrown a number of facilities along the way.

The organization continues to invest heavily in the development of new technology-based measurement solutions. As an expression of its commitment to operating on a world-class level, R&P was recently awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9002 quality certification.

New Products for PM-2.5 Sampling

To meet the monitoring requirements of the proposed U.S. EPA reference and class 1 equivalent methods for PM-2.5 sampling, R&P has introduced the Partisol-FRM and Partisol-FRM Plus PM-2.5 Samplers. The Partisol-FRM PM-2.5 Air Sampler is an advanced manual method for performing PM-2.5 measurements. It is designed to meet or exceed all of the current requirements proposed by the U.S. EPA for the new PM-2.5 reference method (hardware and software). This robust sampling platform builds upon the years of experience gained by Rupprecht & Patashnick in manufacturing the most innovative U.S. EPA designated PM-10 manual sampler--the original Partisol Sampler. This sampling platform is well known for its innovative features, and has proven itself to be highly reliable in ambient conditions ranging from -45 to +45 C, as well as in areas with high humidity conditions. Click here to request product information by E-mail.

All existing Partisol Hub Samplers can be upgraded  to the level of the new Partisol-FRM PM-2.5 Air Sampler through a procedure performed at Rupprecht & Patashnick. This involves changes to the hub unit's hardware and software to meet or exceed the current requirements for the proposed U.S. EPA PM-2.5 regulatory sampling. Click here to request upgrade information by E-mail.

The Partisol-FRM Plus Air Sampling System defines the state of the art in flexible, field-proven air sampling. It continues the tradition of R&P's original Partisol Air Sampler to deliver a wide range of innovative features. Through the use of exchangeable sampling modules, users can re-configure the hardware to meet a wide range of sampling needs.  For PM-2.5 sampling, it is designed to meet the current requirements of the proposed U.S. EPA PM-2.5 reference method (single filter sampling module), and class 1 equivalent method (five filter sampling module). Click here to request product information by E-mail.

EPA Proposes New PM Standard

The U.S. EPA has announced a proposed new particulate matter air quality standard that calls for the measurement of very fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM-2.5). Under the proposed new rules, the current limits for larger PM-10 particles would be retained, but would be supplemented by new limits on PM-2.5 particulate matter. The EPA is proposing a limit for the PM-2.5 concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic meter for 24-hour averages, and 15 micrograms per cubic meter as an annual average. If these standards come into force as they presently stand, approximately 30% of the U.S. population would reside in areas that are not in compliance with the new rules.

Information concerning the newly-proposed PM-2.5 standard is available on the U.S. EPA Worldwide Web site.  Click here to link to the EPA site.

The new Partisol-FRM Model 2000 PM-2.5 Air Sampler from Rupprecht & Patashnick is designed to meet the new reference method requirements of the new particulate matter standard.

  • The U.K. TEOM Audit Data uses
    Rupprecht & Patashnick Co Equipment!

The United Kingdom's Automated Urban Network (AUN) uses the TEOM Series 1400a monitor to determine the particulate mass concentration of PM-10 at sites across the country. A recent audit report released by NETCEN, the network operator, shows "excellent results" for the TEOM monitors involved in the recent intercalibration exercises.

The network's audit guideline for the Series 1400a monitor requires the calibration constant computed by the audit to lie within 2.5% of the calibration constant used in the instrument.  The audits are performed using an actual mass (such as R&P's Mass Calibration Verification Kit) to verify the mass calibration of the instrument. All of the sites tested in the July/August 1996 audit fall within this limit, with the results shown below:

TEOM Calibration Constant Audit Deviations
Location Deviation   Location Deviation
Belfast Centre








Birmingham Central




Birmingham East


  London Eltham




  Manchester Piccadilly










Camden Roadside


  Sheffield Centre








  Sutton Roadside


Haringey Roadside








North Kensington



The Automated Urban Network updates the hourly mass concentration averages of PM-10 on an hourly basis on the NETCEN Worldwide Web site.  Click here to view the latest hourly values.

Information regarding the new products described above can also be obtained from Rupprecht & Patashnic, now part of

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