Expert Witness Locator

This service has been on our wish list! Here's the situation: Either you need an expert in a rare specialty, or the expert you picked last week is--let's be kind--not your cup of tea. Oh yes, we forgot, it's Friday afternoon and designation of experts is next Tuesday. We think we have an option for you!

Suppose you could view a multimedia clip of several experts; see how they sound and act in 30-second clips--right from your computer--even at midnight--even if you're on the road? And, what if you could download their resume, complete with the ability to contact them through e-mail, voice or fax? Well, you've come to the right place.

Key Benefits:
  • Ease of access to experts across the country
  • You can "interview" them without cost through a multimedia clip.
  • We check out the listed experts to confirm their qualifications

Registered Experts:

Robert D. Morrison, Ph.D.
Matthew P. Wiedlin, C.HG.
Edward J. Faeder, Ph.D. R.E.A.
Bernard J. Luther, CEG
Timothy M. Cosgrave
Bart B. Sokolow, D.Env., P.E., R.E.A.

Check out a streaming video clip from Dr. Bart B. Sokolow.

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