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This is not about S&G Enterprises...

...as much as it is about what our machines can do to hazardous waste and manufacturing by-products to make them easier, safer, and less costly to handle.

Our machines can force, shred, crush, compact, compress, filter, drain, separate, empty, and reduce what goes into them so that which remains is a fraction of its former size.

Used by radiation safety officers at universities, pharmaceutical and testing laboratories because-

The Vyleater opens thousands of small glass and plastic vials & bottles automatically separating solids from liquids while...

    The Whiz-Bang does the job of.destroying gallon sized containers - and smaller.


The Vyleater Whiz-Bang is

Completely self-contained
User friendly.
Extremely versatile.
Hydraulically powered.


For more information, please contact John Livingston...



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