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Solinst manufactures a full range of high quality groundwater monitoring equipment for hydrogeological investigations, and supplies geotechnical equipment in Canada.....and distributes a full range of products...

  • Water Level Meters
  • Groundwater Samplers
  • Levelogger™
  • Multilevel Systems
  • Interface Meters
  • Drive-In Equipment


Recently developed is a narrow 5/8" dia. Interface Meter with easy-access battery drawers and the 7/8" dia. SOLINST-LEVEL-LOGGER.jpg (3626 bytes)LEVELOGGER™, a combined datalogger/pressure transducer. The LEVELOGGER™ uses inexpensive wireline instead of electrical cable; it is unaffected by power surges.



For specifications on this and other fine Solinst products click here to go to their website

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