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1.    Petroleum and Water Business Area
Welcome to the Petroleum and Water Business Area! Part of the Tank-Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center at U.S. Army TACOM Warren, MI Our engineers and technicians are responsible for the Army's research and development in

2.   Equipment Rental Section
Equipment Rental Section Select your rental equipment catagory from their Online Departments: Aerosol Analyzers Heat Stress Monitors Air Sampling IAQ Monitors Air Velocity Multiple Gas Detection Battery Blow Out Sale Noise/Sound Monitors Breath

3.    STEP OnLine
STEP OnLine An Internet Hotlist on Watershed sites created by Jane Orbuch
San Lorenzo Valley High School Introduction | Volunteer Monitoring |
Salmon/Benthic Macroinvertebrates | Government Agencies/GIS |
Watershed Education | Equipment Suppliers/Re

4.    Aliant / Quality Water Services Inc.
Quality Water Services Inc. "Our Name Says It All" Sales,
Service & Rentals Conditioners Filters Softeners Demineralizers
Reverse Osmosis & Distillers Low Competitive Prices
Home of the 99 Cents Rental Quality Water, Quality Equipment & Quality Service

5.    Met-Pro
Based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, this company manufactures equipment
that controls air and water pollution. With links to its divisions.

6.    Home Water Treatment Systems
The University of Georgia College of Family & Consumer Sciences and
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences cooperating
Cooperative Extension Service Home Water Treatment Systems
Dale Dorman, Extension Housing Specialist; Contents Identify Issues

7.    UC Davis :Field Methods in Hydrology WEEK 5 Lecture 8: Water quality sampling and measurement Outline:

8.    Instrumentation Services
Instrumentation Services KLI maintains a large inventory of physical, chemical, and biological field sampling instrumentation to support our environmental and oceanographic studies. This includes extensive instrumentation for project use, and lease, and purchasse

9.  AnswerSleuth
Have a question? Select A Category Grab Bag Most Popular Searches Reader Questions Submit URL Advertise here! Take a survey! ---------------- Animals Birds Fish Horses Butterflies Cats Dogs Insects Reptiles Snakes Spiders.......

10.    Penn State Smeal Jr. Core: AquaPenn Case
Penn State Smeal Jr. Core: Cases AquaPenn Case Study A quaPenn was founded in 1986 by Edward Lauth, who continues as the company's CEO and largest individual shareholder. AquaPenn initially bottled and sold spring water in five gallon plastic containers;   MBA Case study......

11.   JB Growers Pond Information
Home page for JB Growers, Everything you need for the design,
installation and maintenance of your own Water Garden or Pond.
Water Gardening and Pond supplies as well.

12.    lIsco, Inc.
Company Profile Isco, Inc. ISKO (NASDAQ)
Address 531 Westgate Boulevard Lincoln, NE 68528-1586 Phone
(402) 464-0231 Fax (402) 464-4543 Web Site http://www.isco.com
Sector Technology Industry Scientific & Technical Instrumentation.

13.    Status of Environmental Information Network
Status of Environmental Information Network National-level environmental information network There are several governmental bodies involved in the environmental information collection, management and analysis in Ukraine.

14.    C.C. Lynch & Associates represents environmental and meteorological instruments for sales, service and rental.C.C. Lynch represents the finest environmental technology. They offer YSI water quality equipment, ISCO water samplers and flow meters, OTT rain gauges, shaft encoders, bubble gauges, radar sensors and Plasti-Fab weirs and flumes.

15.    Fehrmann Environmental - Environmental Rentals and Environmental Equipment Serving the southwest with the best in rental equipment!

16.    Caird & Rayner Clark
Caird & Rayner Clark has been at the forefront of desalination technology,
designing and manufacturing systems to the highest possible standards for over one hundred years.

17.    The Bottled Water Web - Suppliers - UNIVERSAL AQUA TECHNOLOGIES Bottled Water Web contains all the facts about the Bottled Water Industry by expert, Arthur von Wiesenberger.Information about health, taste and worth of bottled water.

18.    UAT Universal Aqua Technologies -
The "World's Finest Water Treatment and Bottling Equipment Consultants," develops and implements water bottling plants for clients Get an idea of the technology utilized and learn more about this company.

19.    Project WET matches to Earth Matters
Matches between Project WET activities and Girl Scout Earth Matters
Contemporary Issue Program

20.    Sweden's Tastiest Tap Water
Sweden's tastiest tap water - Competition between Swedish water works

21.   Aqua Sun International
Water Filter Systems, Water Purification Systems, Water Filters
Aqua Sun International manufactures water filters, water purification and
water filtration systems combined with ultraviolet light disinfection for
Residential and Commercial usage worldwide since 1987.

22.   Polar Clear Water Distillers
Creators of water distillers for home, commercial and industrial use provides
a look at its line of equipment. Learn about the process.

23.    Pure Water
Lincoln, Neb., manufacturer of stainless steel drinking water purification
equipment for homes, offices, plants and laboratories.

24.    Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University
Distillation For Home Water Treatment Michael Kamrin, Nancy Hayden, Barry Christian, Dan Bennack and Frank D'Itri Michigan State University Distillation is one of the oldest methods of water treatment

25.   Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University
Reverse Osmosis for Home Treatment of Drinking Water Michael Kamrin, Nancy Hayden, Barry Christian, Dan Bennack and Frank D'Itri Michigan State University Reverse osmosis (RO) is becoming more common.

26.   Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University
Sulfur Water Control (Rotten Egg Odor in Home Water Supplies)
Adel L. Pfeil Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing Foul-smelling or
unusual odors from your water should make you question its quality and safety.

27.    Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University
Home Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon Michael Kamrin, Nancy Hayden,Barry Christian, Dan Bennack and Frank D'Itri Michigan State University Activated carbon (AC) filters

28.   Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University
Department of Agronomy Bacterial Contamination of Household Water
Cheri L. Janssen and Ron F. Turco MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) Coliform Bacteria: Less than one total coliform organism per 100 ml of water. Non-coliform Bacteria: Concentration

29.    Cooperative Extension Service Purdue University
and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture's Effect on Environmental Quality: Key Management Issues Sarah L. Brichford and Brad C. Joern, Department of Agronomy Fred Whitford, Purdue

30.    Guidelines for Purchasing Water Treatment Equipment
Cornell Cooperative Extension, New York State College of Human Ecology
Linda Wagenet and Ann Lemley, Fact Sheet 1, April 1991
31.   A Water Treatment Equipment: A Buyer's Guide
What questions should you ask when considering water treatment equipment? Read on! Ann Ziebarth, Extension Specialist, Housing DeLynn Hay, Extension Specialist, Water Resources and Irrigation
32.  Drinking Water Information and Web Resources - Web links sorted by category--[ perhaps more than you wanted to know :-) ]
33.  Man-made Chemicals in Drinking Water
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Cooperative Extension,   Insitute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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