Weatherization Assistant


 Weatherization Assistant

The Weatherization Assistant

The Weatherization Assistant is a family of energy audit computer programs which assist weatherization agencies, utilities, and other home energy professionals determine the most cost-effective energy efficiency retrofit measures for single family site-built and manufactured (mobile) homes. Installation of these measures will reduce the monthly utility costs and increase the comfort of the occupants of client homes.

Designed specifically for State and local agencies implementing the DOE Weatherization Assistance Program, the Weatherization Assistant is currently composed of two programs: the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) for site-built homes and the Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA) for mobile homes. A third program addressing small multifamily buildings is planned for the future.

The Weatherization Assistant serves as an umbrella for NEAT and MHEA adding administrative features applicable to both programs. The Weatherization Assistant package of programs (Version 7.4.3, released August 2003 and Version, released September 2005) includes both NEAT and MHEA. The software is available to the public at the following website:

PDF formatted User's manuals for NEAT, MHEA, and the Administrative Features are also available at the program Internet site.

The newest release of the software (Version in September of 2005 adds a significant number of useful optional features to the previous versions, including:

  • Expanded client application information and extensive contact information for agency personnel, clients, contractors, and material suppliers
  • Detailed work orders generated automatically from NEAT or MHEA recommendations or from user-defined listings of measures
  • Status tracking of clients, applications, audits, work orders, inspections, and contractor payments
  • Tracking of payments and balances in multiple funding sources
  • An inventory of materials and supplies automatically updated by completed work orders
  • A Graphical Information System which allows mapping of each individual dwelling or any group of dwellings
  • Ability to attach digital photos to each client, audit, or work order

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